Cape St. Vincent    oil    44" x 28"    #1115

Surf on the Rocks

Surf on the Rocks    watercolor     22" x 15"    #17

Lobster Trap Bouys

Lobster Trap Buoys   oil    30" x 24"   #1999

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach     oil     48" x 32"    #985


Breakers     oil   40" x 30"   #1286  SOLD

Edge of the Ocean

Edge of the Ocean    watercolor     22" x 15"   #15

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse    oil    40" x 28"    #1119

Days End

Day's End     oil   48" x 30"    #1282

Lobster Trap Buoys

Lobster Trap Buoys    watercolor   30" x 22"   #1281

Reefing the Jib

Reefing the Jib    watercolor   30" x 22"   #1258

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